Questions We Help Our Clients Answer

There are many ways a financial planner adds value to their relationship with clients. At Gary Alpert & Associates, we are always available for you. Some of the questions we help our clients answer include:

1. Should l refinance my mortgage again?

2. Should l lease or buy a car?

3. Do l need long term care insurance? If so, what should be the policy provisions?

4. Should l invest in a 529 plan? If so, which one?

5. If we want financial aid, what is the best way to won assets for our children’s college education?

6. The income from my practice is declining. Why? What should l do?

7. I’m scared. Should l get out of the market?

8. Look at my total investments. ls my allocation right?

9. What do you think of ABC stock? Mutual funds? A, B, C, D, and Z shares? Annuities?

10. Should l be using puts and calls? What is a stock caller?

11. How should l diversify my large position in my employer’s stock?

12. What is a fair value for my business? How should l consider structuring the sale?

13. What is the best way to ease out of my business and transfer ownership to my children?

14. When should l exercise my company stock options? What are the tax issues?

15. Are my health and retirement plan best for my small company? Are the terms of my health plan okay?

16. ls my Social Security calculated correctly? Should l begin taking it at 62?

17. Did my mother’s broker rip her off?

18. Do l have enough to retire?

19. How much and which type of life insurance do l need? Do l really need disability insurance?

20. ls charitable giving an appropriate estate planning tool for me?

21. Should l continue the life insurance policies that l have?

22. Am l missing out on tax savings? l was offered this tax shelter. It doesn’t make sense.

23. How much can l spend in retirement?

24. How do l get out of this annuity? What does the contract really say?

25. If l change jobs, how will my benefits compare?

26. We are getting divorced. What are the things l should consider?

27. l think my mother may have Alzheimer’s. What are the steps to get help from Medicaid?

28. How much salary versus sub-s distributions should l take?

29. Should l lock in my student loans?

30. Should l take a 15 or 30-year mortgage? Fixed or variable? Should l pay down my mortgage?

31. Am l carrying enough property casualty insurance?

32. What is the best way to protect my assets from creditors?

33. l have too much debt. What should l do?

34. l need some simple (or complicated) estate planning. Which lawyer do you recommend?

35. l need a good accountant. Who do you recommend?

36. How much of my children’s college education should l plan on paying?

37. Should l use a custodial account for my children? or grandchildren?

38. ls my estate plan still appropriate given changes in the estate tax laws?

39. All my friends have a living trust. Do l need one?

40. How much should l save in my retirement plan? College funds? Improve current lifestyle?

41. How do l get key non-stockholder, non-family employees excited about our business?

42. l live alone and am getting older. How should l protect my finances?

43. Should I use a Roth IRA or a regular IRA?

44. ls my budget reasonable?

45. I have a short time to live. What should I do to maximize my income and estate taxes for my heirs?

46. Do I need life insurance on my children?

47. The first-year return on this annuity is attractive. What are the drawbacks?

48. How should I make gifts to my family members? 49. I don’t understand the estate planning documents I have. Are they OK for my situation today?

50. How should my beneficiaries on my IRAs and company plans be worded?

51. What is the benefit of a payable upon death or designated beneficiary for my brokerage account?

52. One of my children has joint owner of my brokerage account. ls this OK?

53. l was offered a hedge fund. What do you think?

54. This is our second marriage. How can our estate plans be fair to our kids from our first marriage?

55. What is the role of an executor and trustee? A custodian?

56. What is the difference between a power of attorney (POA), a POA for health care and a living will?

57. How much can I put away in a SEP, a Simple IRA, a profit-sharing plan, a Roth or regular IRA, an individual 40lk?

58. I am being offered an out-placement package by my company. Should I take it?

59. How should I negotiate my new employment contract?

60. We are not married. How should l protect my partner in my death?

61. How should l take maximum advantage of my employer’s cafeteria compensation plan?

We believe relationships are earned; you have a choice about who manages your money. Allow us the opportunity to help you pursue a satisfying financial future. For more information contact Gary Alpert at 770-353-6356 or email

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