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Our Philosophy

Your views and values are very important to us. Here are ours.

On you, the Client.

We believe in custom-tailored versus cookie-cutter solutions.  In our experience, each client has their own background, beliefs and circumstances that makes them unique and special.  Our goal is to create a plan that works, but that also respects your value system.  We also believe that everyone has a life to lead, and that financial planning doesn’t have to mean denying oneself in the present and cutting costs at every corner.  We think it’s about living a life you enjoy now, with an eye to the future as well.

On Financial Planning.

Your financial scenario is a complex network, and all factors simultaneously influence one another.  We believe in utilizing a building-block approach that starts with risk management, and continues up with the addition of wealth accumulation and estate planning.  Know this: risk management is the foundation of any plan.  If it crumbles, your attempt at wealth accumulation and estate planning will be for naught.

On Investments.

We don’t believe that anybody can consistently predict near-term economic and market events.  Therefore, a good investment strategy is predicated on balanced asset allocation that is consistently applied.  Asset classes tend to rotate, and there is no asset class that consistently performs better than another.  Research tells us investors are rewarded for long-term discipline and not for short-term gambles.  An individual’s asset allocation should be based on their long-term goals, their tolerance for risk, and their near-term liquidity needs.  As an investor, you need to take greater risk to pursue a greater return; this is an Iron Law.  There are a lot of exotic investment products available in today’s marketplace, but none that escape this rule. All investing involves risk. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

On you, the Retiree.

If you have enough money to live on, we don’t want to create a situation where you don’t have enough money to live on.  Therefore, our primary focus is to concentrate on working towards avoiding pitfalls in all aspects of your financial plan. We are extremely cautious.  However, cautious doesn’t necessarily make us overly conservative; it just means we are especially thoughtful about any recommendations we make.

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