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What To Expect


Sometimes beginning is the hardest part. Allow us to help you make the next step towards creating a solid financial plan

It’s essential for us to securely collect your current information as we begin our financial planning relationship.


At Gary Alpert Financial Strategies we offer financial consulting with or without ongoing investment management. Our 4-Step Planning Process outlined below applies regardless of the level of service you select.


We firmly believe in Complete Cost Transparency. Click here to review what’s included in each level of service in the “Our Costs” section of this website.


We organize client-advisor interactions into 4 separate stages. Here’s what to expect from our process:


1. The Mutual Selection Meeting

This meeting will determine if we are a good fit. In this meeting, we get to know one another and discuss the basics of your financial situation. You need to complete our Preliminary Financial Planning Profile in advance and bring it to the meeting.  If we agree to work together, more information is required.

Download and complete the Preliminary Financial Planning Profile for this meeting

2. The Discovery Process

If we each decide to engage after taking some time for consideration, the Discovery Process follows. This process will collect relevant information about your current finances, goals, and concerns. We do not meet in person; rather, we work together via email and phone to securely collect the necessary data. We also assess your risk tolerance by having you complete a Risk Profile to move forward with appropriate investment recommendations.

Download the Financial Checklist for this meeting
Download and fill out the Complete Financial Questionnaire for this meeting
Click here to complete your Risk Profile for this meeting 

3. The Strategy Meeting

Once all items in Step 3 are complete, a Strategy Meeting is scheduled for 2-3 weeks out. This meeting will review strategies and implementation dates that are in line with your values, risk tolerance, and financial goals. No forms are required for this meeting.

The following items are reviewed at the Strategy Meeting:

1. Based on an analysis of our in-person meeting and of your financial data, we will provide answers to any of your financial questions. Your priorities are addressed along with the critical things to consider, given your stage in life. These considerations can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • What type of insurance is necessary?
  • How large of a cash reserve should you carry?
  • When should you (and your spouse) claim Social Security?
  • Can changes be made that improve your tax scenario?
  • How do you manage your employee benefits?
  • How do you go about constructing a plan for your estate?
  • What are the most feasible options for charitable giving?

2. Financial projections that utilize your data to show whether you are tracking on your retirement goals and what changes may be needed to work towards attaining them.

3. Allocation recommendations for all of your invested assets based on your risk profile, qualitative factors brought up during our discussion and your investment time horizon.

4. Implementation Meetings

These meetings are designed to discuss and monitor the steps we’ve taken towards implementing your financial plan. Since financial circumstances are regularly changing, we believe Implementation Meetings should occur 2-3 times per year to review our strategy and address any changes to your financial picture.

Questions? We are available to discuss your financial thoughts and concerns.
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