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Experienced Retirement Guidance

When the idea of retirement shifts from a distant concept to approaching reality, you may realize that you face financial decisions with the power to impact your financial future permanently.

As an investor, you’ve spent years building a solid financial foundation, and the time has finally come to transition from earning your wealth to living off it.

So, what comes next?

Many financial planners focus solely on wealth accumulation, leaving the transition process to asset distribution in retirement – or how you spend your money once you stop working – mostly unplanned.

If you are approaching retirement, or already there, it’s critical to be able to answer questions like these:

  • I have a limited number of years left to save and can no longer handle steep portfolio declines. How do I transition my portfolio so that it can still have growth potential, but not have as much downside risk?
  • Is there a good process to take income from my investments? From which accounts do I initially draw?
  • Will I have enough assets to get me through my retirement? What factors will be most relevant in evaluating this?
  • Do I have a cohesive estate plan? Are my retirement plan beneficiaries properly set up?
  • What are my most significant risks outside of investments? How does real estate factor in? Should I consider downsizing?
  • When should I plan on taking Social Security? Can I avoid being taxed on my Social Security benefit?
  • How do I protect myself from the increasing costs of long-term care?

I believe you deserve to work with a financial advisor who has the experience to build on your financial foundation and transition you all the way through retirement.

At Gary Alpert Financial Strategies, we work with clients with an experienced eye for the next phase, offering custom solutions tailored to your goals and objectives. Every situation is unique; nothing is prepackaged. We also have a deep bench of qualified, caring professionals we regularly coordinate with including estate attorneys and accountants to help you address all your financial needs.

Are you receiving the guidance you need right now for your retirement transition planning?

If not, I’m happy to speak with you and make an initial assessment of your current financial situation.

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